Welcome to Stitch and Prayer
The Stitch and Prayer Group was founded in 2009 as a knitting, sewing and crochet group that is committed to doing all of its work for those in need.  Currently we have over 30 active members and are open to crafters of all faiths, skill levels, and levels of commitment.

We ask our crafters to work on what they love to do; there are no assigned projects.  Each item is prayed over requesting God’s blessing on the crafter and the recipient.  Each month we sort through the finished projects and distribute them to local non-profits. 

If you know of a need, please feel free to contact us.

Co-leaders: Ann Buzanowski (wazbuzanowski@sbcglobal.net) and Bev Lake (farmhouse4@chartermi.net)  
Secretary Ruth Gulvas,   
Treasurer Kathy Curtis
Assumption BVM Liaison: Cathy Converse (cathy@assumptionmidland.org)

Forty Ladies Enjoying Stitch and Prayer Luncheon

Our Prayer
Dear Lord, Bless these needles that they stay strong and light so they don't tire the hands that wield them;
Bless this yarn with strength and softness that it will form a cloth of warmth and comfort;
Bless these hands with strength and skill so they may make well-crafted gifts;
Bless this heart with strength and perseverance so I will see this work through to bring comfort to those in need;
But most of all dear Lord, Bless the wearer of this cloth with strength and comfort that their burdens may be lightened and their hearts with the realization that they are loved.